The Tattersalls Millions

The Tattersalls Millions was the most extensive thoroughbred sales race series run in the Northern Hemisphere. Comprising five races worth a massive £1,300,000 in prize money the races were exclusively for yearlings purchased at Book 1 of the Tattersalls October Yearling Sale, Europe’s premier yearling sale.

The series has been replaced by the Tattersalls October Book 1 Bonus, details of which can be found here.



What people said about Tattersalls Millions

Tom Dascombe

"The Tattersalls Millions races are a great incentive to owners and trainers alike especially with the new format of eight opportunities to win big pots of prize money."

Harry Herbert

"The Tattersalls Millions races in their new format offer owners such as those involved in Highclere Thoroughbred Racing the opportunity of winning large amounts of prize money, which can only be positive and is an obvious incentive for our horses to target the races."

Andrew Balding

"The new format is even better as it gives owners more opportunities to win big pots of prize money."

Ralph Beckett

"It gives the smaller to medium sized owner a real chance of success, especially in these tough times."